Proof stage 1, 18” x 24”

#2, dual plate, 2011.

5 layers in..woodcut of the weekend.

Dipstick progress. Vertical or horizontal? Like for horizontal, reblog for vertical!

Finished product, ‘Strippers’ as of today, giving you all some detail if you don’t get a chance to see it in person. 

briefly, i wanted to convey a bonding between modular man made sound through mark making and natural development of sound through Earth’s everyday cycle, which is accomplished with what grains of wood come through behind our busy musings. 


Happy Birthday to Josef Albers!

From 1949 until his death in 1976, Josef Albers created a series of paintings titled Homage to the Square. These works explore the artist’s endless fascination with the discrepancy between how colors look when seen one at a time and how they appear in different combinations. In his writings on color theory, Albers noted that the way we experience color varies based on our individual personalities and on factors such as hue, dimension, and placement.

Albers chose the square for its neutrality: he felt that such a common shape would not distract viewers from their experience of color. To create a “pure” experience, he applied his pigments directly from the tubes in which they came, spreading them in thin layers onto the surface of the canvas.

(via SFMOMA)

Happy birthday josef albers!

First layer straight off the press(duh)
Stay tuned.

New collagraph, three color roll up, i hope to scan for better quality after it dries!